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clean fresh tasting water by superior water

clean fresh water from  water boy systems

Gives you fresh, clean,
great tasting water from every faucet and shower in your home


Just One Unit Does Your Entire Housel!!

waterboy whole house system system

Welcome to Superior Water  "Home of the WATERBOY"

water boy filtration system just like mother nature.Like nature's own, the WATERBOY™ system filters and conditions water naturally, in the same way that mountain spring water is balanced in flowing streams and rivers, leaving beneficial minerals in the water.
Environmentally safe, fresh, clean, natural water... that's why we call it water the way it was meant to be!

The Waterboy Conditioners®
The Waterboy Conditioner® is an industrial module used to control scale and corrosion.

This non-chemical water treatment system controls lime scale and corrosion in all plumbing and appliances, saving time , money and energy. The module creates conditioned water that has a natural smoothness to it without removing the essential minerals.


waterboy filtration by superior water No maintenance, no salt to add, and no filters to change for 10-15 years.

The WATERBOY whole house water system eliminates the need for any reverse osmosis unit, because there is no salt or potassium to remove.

Superior water tastes like mountain spring water, because the minerals are left in the water, which gives it a very clean and flavorful taste. As a matter of fact, many bottled water companies are adding minerals to their water to make it taste better.



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